serve [sʉrv]
served, serving [ME serven < OFr servir < L servire, to serve < servus, servant, slave: see SERF]
1. to work for as a servant
a) to do services or duties for; give service to; aid; assist; help
b) to give obedience and reverent honor to (God, one's lord, etc.)
c) Archaic to pay court to (a lady)
3. to do military or naval service for
4. to pass or spend (a term of imprisonment, military service, etc.) [to serve a year in prison]
a) to carry out the duties connected with (a position, office, etc.)
b) to act as server for (Mass, Benediction, etc.)
a) to wait on (customers), as in a store
b) to provide (customers, clients, or users) with goods or services, esp. professional services
c) to provide (goods) for customers; supply
a) to prepare and offer (food, etc.) in a certain way [serve the beef with rice]
b) to offer or set food, etc. before (a person)
c) to give someone a portion or portions of (food, etc.) at the table [please serve me some peas]
a) to meet the needs or satisfy the requirements of [a tool to serve many purposes]
b) to promote or further [to serve the national interest]
9. to be used by [a hospital that serves the entire city]
10. to function or perform for [if memory serves me well]
11. to behave toward; treat [to be cruelly served]
a) to deliver (a legal instrument, as a summons)
b) to deliver a legal instrument to; esp., to present with a writ
13. to hit (a tennis ball, etc.) to one's opponent in order to start play
14. to copulate with (a female): said of an animal
15. Naut. to put a binding around in order to protect or strengthen (rope, etc.)
1. to work as a servant
2. to be in service; do service [to serve in the navy]
a) to carry out the duties connected with a position, office, etc.
b) to act as server for Mass, Benediction, etc.
4. to be used or usable; be of service; function
5. to meet needs or satisfy requirements
6. to provide guests with something to eat or drink, as by waiting on table
7. to be suitable or favorable: said of weather, wind, etc.
8. to start play by hitting the ball, etc. to one's opponent, as in tennis
the act or manner of serving the ball in tennis, etc., or one's turn to serve
serve someone right
to be what someone deserves, for doing something wrong or foolish

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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